Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween - or day after halloween.....

I had grand and glorious plans that we would do a Family Frozen theme this year with Mack as Toddler Anna, me as Traveling Anna, Hubs as Olaf, and the boys as Kristoff and Hans - it would have been sooooooooooo cute ;o)  However, I am glad that it all fell apart....

Beckett came up to me one day and said 'I don't want to be Kristoff, I want to be Superhero'.  Ummmmmmmmm, wait, what!?!?!?  He went on... "I want to be a Superhero with a Green shirt and orange boots!'  Oh dang, he has thought this through - no way I am talking him out of it.  So with one down, the other boy jumped ship as well... or maybe he jumped 'onto' a ship as he ended up being a Pirate ;op

Mack I got to keep as Anna - A. because SHE wanted to be Anna, and B. because I loved the idea of her being the toddler version of Anna from the beginning of the movie!

We had a great time, we actually went out for three different events!!!!  This might seem like a lot, but I love the kids getting to dress up and run around being kids and having fun, and if I am going to make their costumes I sure as heck want them to be worn more than once.

First outing was at the Baseball Stadium: (this is our third year going and we will probably skip it next year...just waiting in line for a long time)

The main pictures are from our Community Trick or Treat Night - which was Thursday because of a home football game this weekend for PSU.
I threw together a stuffed Olaf Thursday afternoon to bring the final touch to the outfit, <3

Third Outing was on Halloween night to the mall - it was crazy crowded and stores were running out of candy in the first 15-20 minutes, I'm thinking we will probably skip this in the future as well.

2 families - 6 toddlers, and we didn't loose a single one (thanks Nana for being an extra set of hands!!!!)

We met neighbors, got to hang out with friends, and got to watch our kids do a fairly consistent job of saying 'Thank You' at each stop.

Hope you had a great time with friends and family as well!!!!!!

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