Friday, December 13, 2013

The Norah Pajamas: for the Mouse House Creations Norah Tour

I am so excited to be a part of the Norah Dress Pattern Tour - the first pattern tour for Mouse House Creations.  In looking at the pattern, I wanted to do something different.  I have already sewn up the Norah twice because I LOVE it (you can read my detailed review of the pattern HERE).  Baby girl already has a long sleeve woven top version and a long sleeve knit dress hanging in her closet (and believe me, they get worn as quickly as I can get them clean)... aren't they cute!

So, I decided that this time I would make the Norah to give away.  And since I sew pajamas as gifts for Christmas, I decided that there needed to be Norah Pajamas!

(*baby girl literally had these on for 5 minutes for the pictures - I didn't want anything to happen to them before I shipped them off to a special birthday girl in the family.)

This pattern is so versatile that you can do absolutely anything with it!!!  For these pajamas, I pulled some adorable flannel from my stash.  I love the look of the contrasting sleeve and collar, and I thought that would work well for the pajamas.

In lieu of lining the top, I made a facing for the back opening and then added bias strip ties for the closure.  (The flannel bias tape is a bit thick, so I think when I make more of these, I will use a satin ribbon or cotton bias tape for the ties).

I went with the Top length because I thought it would look best with pants.  From my own experience, I think all toddlers in diapers NEED to wear bottoms over their diapers - so diaper covers in summer and leggings or pants in winter.  You just don't want to risk it!!!

I am beyond THRILLED with how these turned out - I momentarily thought of keeping them for myself, but I love my little niece and I hope she will love them!

If you don't own the pattern yet - GET IT NOW!!!  You will love the variety of things that you can do with this pattern.


  1. So, What Does the Fox Say? How trendy and adorable. Anything named Norah/Nora is a big deal in my book and you put one of my all time favorite kids in it and I'm totally won over. Great Job.

  2. Norah pajamas?! Genius! These are sooooo cute!

  3. These are freaking fantastic Suzanne... like completely awesome. I am SO making these for Ainsley. Thank you so much for joining in on the tour and being such a wonderful friend

  4. Pretty sure these are the sweetest pjs I have seen this year. Your adaptions are awesome!
    With Love,