Friday, February 15, 2013

PR&P Signature Look: Gabba Ga!

 First I want to say thank you to everyone here for helping me make it to the finals, I really never thought I would be here with all the amazing talent this season and I am humbled and honored.

Ok - Signature style - I'm going to tell you a little secret here, but you have to promise not to tell anyone ok? I still don't know 'exactly' what my signature style is.  I know that I love classic lines, that I want clothes that are wearable, and that if I am going to spend time making clothes for my kids - I want them to LOVE them.  I hope my look is always a little classic, a little cool, and always evolving!!!
A few weeks ago, my husband asked me to make Yo Gabba Gabba shirts for the boys for their 2nd birthday (which is the 25th) because they are a wee bit obsessed with the show - which they call 'Gabba Ga!'.  I looked at him with a scowl, I am not a fan of 'character' garments - NOT my style.  But then I looked at my boys, dancing and singing along with their favorite show, sighed, and told my husband the following: 'If by some miracle I make it into the finals of PR&P, I will use YGG as the inspiration for my signature look'.  Well, here I am ;o)

I present to you my version of Muno and Brobee - in a non-character/costume way.  This week I was working entirely in real time - oh how fast it flies by!!! Each look has three pieces. They go together but are different - just like my boys!

Muno:   B's  pants were my first 'A-ha' moment and I love the way they turned out.  They are made of an old sweatshirt that my mom donated to my stash.  The two round pockets have functioning zippers - I wanted to create bumps without them being all over. 

The bum also has a curved seam that is top stitched that ties in the whole circle/bump theme that make Muno who he is.

That circle motif is continued with the half circle pockets on his hooded vest.  The pockets are made and lined with vermilion knit and match the lining of the hood and trim of the arm holes. (I honestly had to look up what color Muno is - Red or Orange, my husband is the genius who said he was in fact 'Vermilion' or Red-Orange).

The main body of the hoodie is made of grey fleece, but the hood is made of the same grey knit as the shirt yolk and sleeves, so the sleeves tie into the hood when worn together.

Brobee:  For this one it was always all about the hoodie.  The main green is made from an old maternity top of mine.  The dark green is the only purchased yardage used in either outfit, sadly I was a little last minute in making decisions about this look so I didn't have time to order any fabric and was limited to what my local fabric store has in stock - not so much, but it all worked out in the end.  The horizontal seams are top stitched with contrasting thread to tie into the lining using a twin needle.

The middle stripe forms a pocket for all sorts of treasures. The hood is lined with the same vermilion knit from B's Tshirt to allude to the horns and large mouth that detail Brobee's character.

His pants are so cool, they have double drawstrings that go up both legs so that they can be shortened in the spring for puddle jumping.  One side has a cargo pocket, and the other has two tabs for a stripe-y detail.  The bottoms of the legs have stitched on stripes to follow through with the main visual element of Brobee.

I wanted both boys to have matching T's and I created the piecing based on the head shape of both characters - I draw a lot of Munos and Brobees for the boys and I always start with an upside down U for their heads. The pieced seams are top stitched with the twin needle.

Roll the Credits:
Shirts - adapted from my basic long sleeve T pattern
Brobee Pants - I used the same pattern I created for the elephant pants, I added the side pocket, tabs, and stitching detail along with the super cool leg drawstrings.
Muno Pants - same basic pants pattern adapted to gave a separate waist band and  the bum seam.  Added the circle zipper pockets.
Hoodies - Both are variations on my basic hoodie pattern, the Brobee one adds the shoulder yolk and stripe pockets along with a zipper closure.  The Muno one becomes sleeveless and adds the half circle pockets.

More Photos!!!
I almost thought our photo shoot wouldn't happen as 3 inches of snow fell Wednesday night.  Luckily they are really quick at clearing sidewalks and streets downtown, and that was where this amazing mural is located - I KNEW this was the perfect 'Gabba Land' location!  B of course took off running and wiped out on some ice about 2 minutes into the shoot, but you can't tell too badly.  

(showing off his dancy-dance skills)

'Animal crackers want to go to the Party in my tummy, so yummy, so yummy'

 'You take some baby steps, baby steps... little tiny baby steps'

("Run run run, it's fun fun fun" - still running - yeah photographing 2 almost 2 year olds is fun ;op)

Running off side by side ;o)

Goodbye from all of us here in Gabba Land!!!  And don't forget to VOTE!!!

PS - thank you everyone for your well wishes, we are finally a healthy family again!!!


  1. Suzanne, your looks this week are so cute! (and your boys such sweetie pies!)

  2. Oh, the boys look so cute in their outfits! Good luck, you're amazing!

  3. i love the pocket details. and we love yo gabba gabba!

  4. That Brobee hoodie is adorable! I didn't think anything could be more 'I want to bang my head against the wall' than Barney and then my youngest discovered Yo Gabba Gabba. The things we do for them :O). Great job--it's been so fun seeing your looks week to week.

  5. OMG soo cute! Ellie would love those Gabba Gabba clothes. Better not let her see this...

  6. Fun outfits that look so comfortable! Great job being inspired by a t.v. Show and then turning it into something that is a great representation but not a commercialized look at all. Your boys are adorable and what a great wall to do a photo shoot!! Best wishes in the finals!

  7. Love this. Because so many times what excites our kids (likes character stuff) makes us shutter, but this is lovely. It is comfortable I love the spirit of this design and how you made it so sweet.

  8. Suzanne, I'm so proud of you for sticking with what would excite the boys. I love it that they didn't want us to take off their sweatshirt and vest and they just hugged them. You do a great job on design and a better job on the mom role. Blessings on all of your efforts.

  9. Can I just say your boys are adorable?! I LOVE that you made something they so obviously enjoy. You've created something chock full of lovely details. And for boys! Spectacular.

    Congrats on making the finals, and good luck!

  10. What a great adaptation of something they love without going too crazy with it. Love it! I am still amazed how much you can accomplish with your little ones being as young as they are. Very impressive!

  11. What great a great interpretation. I briefly considered some gabba inspired gear for the kids- but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I'm super impressed with how you managed to do this in such a fun way.

  12. Adorable boys, super awesome photographs, and excellent outfits! Congrats on making it into the top three!

  13. My children are teens and although I am a kindergarten teacher, I don't know these characters at all and had to look them up! LOL I LOVE how you incorporated their main features into your outfits. You really did an excellent job with all six pieces! I am so impressed with how you sew for your boys. My son would have made 'mommy-mades' longer if I had been as creative as you!

  14. Suzanne- love your look this week. That green hoodie is fabulous- wish I had some of that green waffle knit for Mae.
    And the drawstring on the leg of the pants- genius.
    Woohoo for being in the final three!!

  15. Congratulations on making it to the finals. I really like the subtlety in your interpretation of the characters and it's great how much the boys love their outfits. I also hope to find some of that green waffle knit - so cute and comfy.

  16. I really love all the details of each piece. Really wonderful. Congrats on making it to the finals!