Friday, September 27, 2013

Operation Project $0: Day 20 with Frances Suzanne

Well today is out last day of Guest posters for Operation Project $0 - but never fear, I'll be doing round ups and sharing some more of my own creations next week!!!  So don't run away, come back.  And make sure to upload your own $0 inspired looks to the Flickr Group so that I can feature you and your work next week!
Today I have get to have a big smile on my face as I introduce to you Ashley and Emily of FrancesSuzanne.  I just love these girls.  I love their sewing ability and their attention to detail,  and that fact that they spend all this time sewing for their sweet nieces... it just makes my heart smile.  I was lucky enough to meet this dynamic duo through sewing along with Project Run and Play - these are girls who sew inspirational pieces and somehow humbly (and honestly) never turn to pride or boasting about how awesomely amazing they are.  I knew when I asked them to join in that they were not upcyclers... I also knew that they are pretty strict rule followers... and I was so happy when they signed up for the last day, because I KNEW they would close us out with a great outfit sewn for exactly $0.   So take it away Ashley and Emily.... I'm so happy you are here!

Hi everyone!! We are Ashley {frances} and Emily {suzanne}, and we blog over at Frances Suzanne about the clothes we make for our nieces. When Suzanne asked us to be a part of Operation: Project $0, we were excited....but scared....
 Could we sew an outfit for ZERO DOLLARS?? 
That was the challenge, if we so chose to accept it....
Was it possible?? Absolutely!
But, the probability of achieving it wasn't in our favor on this one....
Our track record doesn't bode well for being the most frugal / inventive with materials we have on hand. Still, we'd like to think we are improving in this area of our sewing, and definitely see the benefits for doing so. So, let's get down to it....did we or did we not succeed in sewing a garment for a whopping $0??
Starting with the patterns used:  See Kate Sew, Kaleidoscope TopSURPRISE!! That's what we found waiting in our inbox one afternoon. Kate, of See Kate Sew, had gifted her Ruffle 2013 Guest Post friends with a complimentary pattern {the Kaleidoscope Top} for contributing to her series. What an honor to participate, as well as an awesome surprise to follow. 
COST= $0
Oliver and S, Playtime LeggingsWe had the opportunity to sew and blog about this pattern a few weeks ago, to kickoff the Fall Pattern Release of Oliver and S. It was our first time to sew with knits, and obviously it wasn't too, too scary....because here we go again!
COST = $0
Then, onto the fabrics of choice: See Kate Sew, Kaleidoscope Top: Sally, of Daisy Chain Creations, gifted Ashley some knits a while back - as a "thank you" for helping in a graphic design project she was working on. PERFECT!! Couldn't have chosen a more perfect print ourselves....
COST = $0
Oliver and S, Playtime LeggingsTime to raid the closets on this one.....and found just what we were looking for in dear ole' dad's closet: a navy t-shirt given to him by a vendor years ago. Perfect size, perfect style. And, as an added bonus, we were able to keep the shirt hemline as the leggings hemline. SCORE!
COST = $0
Shockingly....we DID succeed in the challenge, and would gladly accept a similar challenge in the future. WHOOP, WHOOP!! Let's hear it for an outfit that cost us ZERO DOLLARS!!!
This challenge definitely pushed us to look at what we had available {and there were several options when you just look}, and use resources {ie: patterns AND fabric} on hand to complete it without heading to the fabric store in the middle of a project.
So, thank you Suzanne {and Operation: Project $0 "company"}! You gave us just the push needed to sew a practical, fun outfit for a very active niece...
And, if you happened to miss the other frugal bloggers in this series, 
check them out and be inspired!!  There's some pretty fantastic creations showcased....


  1. The colors are great on your little niece, and I love the little cherries on the top--such a classic print for little girls! Great job!

  2. Great job! It feels good to use what you have, doesn't it? I have been on a stash busting adventure for the last year and a half or so. Finally getting to where I feel like I can justify a few yards of new fabric. LOL

  3. Awww, thanks Suzanne! It's funny how you've got us pegged and we've never met in real-life! Rule followers to a tee!!! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share with your readers today...

  4. That's great seeing them working differently to what they are used to.