Monday, September 23, 2013

Operation Project $0: Day 16 with Hayley of Welcome to the Mouse House

Hello MONDAY!!!  And welcome back to week four of Operation Project $0... it seriously just keeps getting better and BETTER!!!  I hope you aren't bored yet, because we aren't anywhere close to done ;o)  This week is going to be chalk full of all sorts of cool stuff... I have an amazing lineup of guest bloggers, a slew of awesome things I have sewn up for my bruiser of a boy, and later in the week I will be sharing a round up of some of the awesome things YOU have all been submitting to the Flickr Group - if you haven't added something - GO, DO IT!!!  You might just get featured ;o)
But today I get to have my girl Hayley  of Welcome to the Mouse House share her awesome-ness with you.  If you had told me 6 months ago that I would have Hayley posting on my blog, I would have laughed at you.  If you had told me that not only would she be posting on my blog but that I could consider her a true, honest to goodness FRIEND.... I would have said she didn't know I existed.  But, today I introduce my friend Hayley - a girl who can drink boxed wine with the best of them, create the most amazing designs while wrangling raising 2 adorable children, has the best heart (READ THIS!!!), and will always have your back.  And, she is also the blogging version of Kevin Bacon - the girl is somehow connected to EVERYONE!!!
Give it up for Hayley, Woot WOot!

Hey guys!  My name is Hayley and I blog over at Welcome to the Mouse House.   When Suzanne asked me to be a part of Project $0, I was so excited.   I absolutely love to recycle clothing and make them new again.  Thanks for having me!

Way, way back in the day, I used to be a teacher with a great wardrobe.   I still have several clothing items from my working days that are cute, but just not something I would wear now, so they are piled in a bin just waiting to be upcycled.   For Ainsley's newest outfit, I took one of my old sweaters and pants.

I cut apart the sweater and created an A-line tunic dress with long sleeves.  I cut out the a-line dress, removed the cuffs and hem and reattached once I had the proper size, and then gathered the top neckline before adding a bow.  

I used extra sweater fabric to make the bow and "tied" it with the pants fabric.  Hand stitching attaches it to the sweater.  

My favorite part has to be the elbow pads created from the pants fabric.  They make me smile.

Ainsley's leggings are created from the reverse side of my pants.  It might be the "wrong side" but how great that can be!  Make sure your pants have a good stretch… it won't work otherwise.  If yours don't stretch like mine, you could create trousers, instead.

I drafted some leggings/jeggings and added a cute buttons to each leg.   Her shoes were ones we already owned… 
she calls them "Fabulous"

Not only do I love that it was free, but I love that it is so comfortable and wearable.   

Sweaters are the perfect items to create new outfits.   They could be transformed into dresses, tunics, t shirts, etc.

Perfect for playing.

Thanks so much for having me!
Thanks so much for being here!  And the outfit is FABULOUS!
Make sure to come back tomorrow... and you can catch up on all the fun we've been having this month HERE!


  1. Free sewing at its best! And yes, who doesn't love Hayley and her amazing blog? <3

  2. First of all, thank you for having me Suzanne!! I had a blast going through my old items and finally getting them turned into something new. Secondly, I love love your intro for me…. it gave me a huge smile on my face this morning. Thank you!

  3. super duper cute! Love the bow on that dress!

  4. Love the bow! Leggings are a great upcycle project, too!

  5. Absolutely adorable! The colors are so good for her, and $0 is awesome. :)

  6. I love this! Sweater tunic and leggings sounds so comfy and great for fall.