Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Operation Project $0: Day 17 with Alida Makes

Can you handle MORE Operation Project $0... 
well hold onto your seats,
 cause.... here.... we..... GO!!!
Do you have any people you consider blogging 'Rock Stars'???  Well I do, and her name is Alida of Alida Makes.  I don't know why she immediately became one of my pedestal icons - maybe it is her southern charm (and correct knowledge of exactly what 'well Bless her heart' means), her daughter's fantastic sense of individuality and style, or the fact that her selfies are GORGEOUS.... or maybe it is just her passion for the best accessory in the world - the FEDORA!
For whatever reason I just get the biggest kick out of reading her blog, I get sloppy smiles when she leaves comments on my posts, and I am tickled pink that she said YES to joining in this series.
Now take it away Alida!!!

Hey y'all!  Thank you so much for having me here today.  I have a confession: my fabric budget isn't what it used to be.  I have mostly gone through my thrifted items and started shopping in my own closet!  

The solid green fabric on the hoodie used to be one of my dresses.  It had very pretty fabric but the fit was not flattering.  It was one of those pieces I knew I was never going to wear again as soon as I saw photos of myself in it.  Exhibit A:

Just didn't hit me right.

ANYWAY...because I used an existing garment I didn't have enough fabric for the sleeves or the inside of the hood, so I used some sweater knit leftover from this project.  The pieces were so small I almost threw them away, now I'm so glad I didn't!

The pants were also a dress, believe it or not!  This dress I've had since my size 4 days, and let's just say that *if* I ever wear that size again I think I will probably be able to live without this dress.  It looks so much better as harem pants!

These pants are self drafted, but there is a really great pattern by Feathers Flights HERE.

The hoodie is the Bimaa Hoodie by LouBee Clothing.  I love how this outfit came out!  It wouldn't be as special if I'd had yardage to use on it.  Sometimes making clothes out of existing garments can be frustrating, but it often leads to design genius!

Thanks for having me y'all!  Come visit me over at Alida Makes for fun toddler style posts and lots of DIY kids clothes!
Thanks for being here Alida - I kinda just feel like I shook hands with a Rock Star! ;o)

I'll be featuring some of your creations tomorrow, so make sure you link them up to the Flickr Group so that we can all see the amazing things you have created!


  1. It's adorable! I LOVE the contrasting sleeves! How fun that she used two different dresses!

  2. Love this! It's fun and trendy and yet practical. Best harem pants I've seen :)

  3. So awesome, Alida! I am guilty of not upcycling as often as I should and could. This is inspiring, thank you!

  4. Suzanne, I so know what you mean. Alida really is a sewing rock star! And her daughter totally rocks her cool clothes. Alida, your post here is again amazing. The hoodie is awesome.

  5. I love this outfit Alida!!! Wish you could box it up and send it on over. Of course it would have to get a few sizes bigger along the way but whatever.

  6. Thanks for all the love y'all! I don't think I've ever been called a rock star before! *Blushing*

  7. That's really cute. I've just found your hosted this project and just being your follower. So in love with upcycled.

  8. I just love this look Alida created. Ans Suzanne, I felt the same when she said yes to my series. It proves how big her heart is, because I am pretty sure she barely knew or knew at all my blog, when I invited her to take part of the series. =D