Thursday, September 19, 2013

Operation Project $0: Day 14 with Sewing Mama RaeAnna

Welcome back friends, today on Operation Project: $0 I am so happy to introduce my friend RaeAnna of Sewing Mama RaeAnna.  She writes a fabulous blog with plenty of sewing tutorials and ideas to keep you busy reading for quite a while.  She is also a budding pattern designer with two amazing FREE designs, and an absolutely stunning Dress PDF Pattern - The Bumblebee Dress.  It has two views, sleeve options, ruffles, etc....I really really love it, and if you don't already own it, you really should!
Beyond being so talented, RaeAnna is genuinely down to earth and sweet.  She is the type that I know I could have conversations with as if we had been friends forever.
Enough of me gabbing - here is RaeAnna with her $0 inspired wear....

Hello WW&W readers!!! I'm so glad that Suzanne has put together a series on projects and inspirations that cost $0!!!!

Most of what I have done for my kids this year has been $0!  I have so much fabric in my stash that there have been at least 3 occasions this month that I've been in an online fabric store with several yards in my cart and I end up completely closing the browser and going to bed because I know I DON'T need any more fabric!!! haha!

I've decided to show you three projects that can hopefully inspire you to find things around your house or stash before you use any of your money!!!

1 - T-shirt Upcycle

One of my favorites and easiest ways to make clothes for my kids is to cut into old t-shirts and make something new!!!  This adorable raglan is made from two old maternity shirts!!!  You can see my post about it here!

2 - Fat Quarter PJ Shirt

I call this my "Scrubby Jams Top" and it is a FREE PATTERN in my shop! (Click here)
The fabric I used for this particular shirt in the picture was also free!  I won 3rd place in the Sew Off competition and Riley Blake sent me a free fat quarter bundle!  I think it is fun to use different coordinating prints to make this cute shirt! 


3.  Boutique Ruffle Dress (Bumblebee)

The fabric was *almost* free for this adorable dress!  I went to Huntsville to meet some sewing friends and the Martha Pullen School had cotton fabric for $2.50 a yard!!!  I also was able to buy Oliver + S patterns for $2 each!!! Yay for sales!

This dress has been a fun labor of love since October last year!  I named the dress the "Bumblebee Dress" because the first version was made with some adorable yellow and black fabric!  I was inspired by some boutique dresses but came up with my own spin on the pattern - read about it here!

If you want to create this same look for your little girl I have a free tutorial here!

Thanks again for having me in your series Suzanne!!!!  I'm going to keep working away at sewing through my stash and practicing self control when I see all the wonderful new fabric lines being released by designers!!!!  In fact, I'm challenging myself to sew along with the Project Run & Play blog and was able to find everything in my stash for my first several looks!  Come check out my blog and follow along with me!

Sewing Mama RaeAnna Blog

Thank you so much for being here RaeAnna... you can all check out my Bumblebee Dress too!!!

If you have been inspired to create something for $0 (or close to $0), make sure to enter it in the Flickr Group so that I can feature it next week!!!