Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wonderings: or ramblings... take your pick

*HAHAHAH - I wrote this about 5 months ago, and yet it still holds so true today - it also goes to show how true, since it is only now getting posted ;op

My brain is no longer connecting the dots.

Words are failing me - that is not strange unto itself, I mean I am a sleep deprived mama and all.  But I can't get my children's names straight.  I look at them and blatantly blank on which one they are... it isn't like I'm Michelle Dugger here with 20 names all starting with the same letter - I have three, and the twins don't even look the same ;op

I can't finish a project to save my life.  And for some reason, instead of doing the 20 minutes worth of work to finish project A, B, or C; I spend an hour thinking of and starting project D, E & F.

Someone needs to create a device that will zap me every time my brain begins its wandering into the ether... the land of 'what ifs' and 'how cools'.  A focuser, a distraction blocker (no, not the three little distractions, the internal main frame distractions).  I'd pay for that!


  1. HA! Yep, it's called 'Mommy Brain'. It started pretty much right after I got pregnant and has continued until today. Lost my brain over 5 years ago!! ;)

  2. I'm totally falling into that! My mind is always working on the next project instead of focusing on what I"m doing!

  3. So not true...look at all you finished for PR&P. It does get better though...when they start doing things for themselves and having opinions:)

  4. I am so with you on this. I stand and stare at my fabrics when I've gone to get one fabric to do one project. I end up carrying an armful of fabric and fifty patterns because suddenly I have 50 ideas. None of which I actually start.