Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Vintage-y Goodness

I was incredibly lucky to get one of the coveted spots to test the Adelaide Vintage Romper for Peek-a-boo Patterns.  I have been wanting to make a romper for baby girl - and even attempted to draft my own... ummm let's just say that that attempt will result in a pair of fitted capris and the bodice of a different dress - yeah total disaster ;op
Back to Amy's delicious pattern of yummy vintage-y goodness.  Seriously I sewed this up and wanted to squeal in delight (I restrained myself as the kiddos were sleeping and I didn't want my husband to think  a wild pig had gotten into the basement ;op).  But it is simply darling!!!
I will admit that the name forced my hand in fabric selection.  I had some adorable blue and white polka dot fabric that would be perfect for this pattern - but I kept thinking VINTAGE.  And my eyes landed on a left over cut of Toile my mom had given me.  PERFECTION!  But what to go with it???  I went over to my stash and started trying to find a fun funky pop color, but they didn't seem to work right, I like at straight white - nope, I looked at black - too mature for my baby, then my eyes fell on a soft pink button up shirt.  Ahhhhhhh, just right.  I grabbed the shirt and started cutting without ever reading the label.  When I was doing the hand finishing I noticed that the fabric was a little tough to sew through compared to the cotton toile.  I ran upstairs to read the tag.... 100% SILK - ohhhhhh, well no wonder it was pretty and soft ;op  Sometimes I get a bit ahead of myself when I am excited.

This pattern is seriously gorgeous, and I feel like baby girl looks beautiful in it, and not like my little baby anymore (she will turn ONE on Saturday - shhhhhhh don't remind me!)

This is a fairly easy pattern to follow - and Amy does a great job instruction you through each step.  There is optional piping (which I left out), optional shirring (which I included), and perfect pockets - for those of you whose children know what to do with a pocket ;op  The bodice is fully lined and the collar is one of my favorite parts - throw in some pink buttons and how can you not swoon?

Ahhhh -chubby little legs and knees (that totally only works for a toddler/baby).  Head over to Amy's shop if you wan to make your own!
*Oh and that cute bow headband.... lets just say I mistook my cuff pieces for strap pieces, happy accident in this case ;o)



  1. That romper is so adorable! I love the print and the pale pink is perfect (even if it is silk)! I can't get enough of it!

  2. Oooh. Makes me wish there was a girl to sew for! Great job and beautiful fabric selection.

  3. This is just too cute...the romper and your little girl! Such a great look on that age!

  4. OHHHHHHHHHhh I absolutely LOVE your fabric choices on this! AMAZINGLY gorgeous and so feminine, you really made the pattern shine!