Friday, April 5, 2013

PR&P has STILL taken over my house....

Yep, I am still cleaning up from the craziness of PR&P.  Today I finally sat down to organize this pile of patters that I altered or created for the different weeks of competition. (lets not talk about the fact that there is another pile in the basement ;op).  But I was able to go from THIS


Definite improvement!!!  I did notice though that a few of my pattern pieces have gone missing - was it a munchkin, my toss happy hubby, or could it be in the pile in the basement... no matter what, it is my fault for not keeping track of them and putting them away sooner ;op

Have you been following along with the All Star season of PR&P, WOW.  Simply WOW!!!  I was planning on sewing along this season because the challenges are awesome, but I may have to settle with being inspired.
Here is a glimpse of Easter - inspired by Renior for the Art Inspiration of Week One:

*yep, that is the collegiate cool blazer on B - I'll share all their Easter looks in detail for the Spring Formal week!

Here's as far as I might get with chevrons.  Oh life ;o) (*I did get the rest cut out, but none of it sewn ;op)

I'm in a spring cleaning mode (well as much as you can be in with 3 little ones who undo ever step of progress you make).  But today I had a success... SUCCESS people!!!  I cleaned out my half of the closet AND my dresser.  I still need to weed through the spring/summer clothes that are in a bin, but I am most of the way there.  You see, I spent more than two years of my life pregnant - two years of 4 seasons back to back pregnant or recovering from c-sections, which equates to still looking pregnant.  I was facing a closet of pre-pregnancy clothing (most of which I have to admit will never again fit my new body), maternity clothing (which almost a year after giving birth to baby girl - I don't want to touch with a 10 foot poll), and some schlumpy stuff that kinda sorta fits my current body.  It is a little depressing getting rid of about 80% of your clothing in one fell swoop, but kinda exciting for all the new things I can upcycle into clothes for the kids.  And, I have to admit that even if there isn't much in there right now - it is much easier to look at a mostly empty closet than one brimming with all the things that just don't work anymore.
The silver lining is that in a week and a half I am going shopping with my girl friend for new (non-maternity) clothes - for the first time in over TWO years!  I am soooooooooooo stinkin excited!

Huge hugs to all - hope your spring is coming faster than ours!!!


  1. Congratulations on you successful organizing. When you have three kids you do have to celebrate the small successes. I also really wanted to sew-a-long this season, but in reality, am up to my ears in costumes for Cinderella. Have fun shopping!

  2. Red & White stripes on the bias.. LOVE IT!

  3. Can't wait to see the finished looks! Have fun shopping!