Monday, November 5, 2012

Magic Monday: introducing 'A Handcrafted Christmas'

Every year I struggle to buy gifts for those I love most.  I want to get them the perfect thing, something they will love, something they will use, something that will not become one more element of clutter in their home.  I search and search, I do price comparisons, I browse blogs promoting top ten gift ideas for men/women/children/spouses/etc.....  And by the end I have worked myself up to the point of near nervous breakdown and either order something random off amazon or say 'screw it, I'll get them something doubly cool NEXT year'.
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This was ok until my poor nieces and nephews grew out of the toddler age and into the age of cognizance.  They now see me as the 'crazy aunt suzanne' who maybe loves them, but not enough to remember a gift for Christmas or their birthday.   I feel horrible.  I'm at a loss.  I do much better if I am sent a LIST!!!
But even with a list, I'm not perfect.  I am not naturally gifted at 'Gift Giving' - which in a family of givers is a really hard thing.  For the past few years, I have allowed infants and pregnancy to be my excuse for my lameness.  I've promised that 'once I'm not pregnant, I'll do better'.  Well that time is here... the first non-pregnant Christmas in a while and I am bound and determined to hold true to my word!

So what is a girl who finds herself overwhelmed by the retail world to do to have a non panic attack inducing holiday season???  Why not make it herself!

I have thought about the things that I might find useful or want - that are compatible with being made at home (my goal is to come up with things that you would think came from a boutique store or etsy shop).

And thus the birth of 'A Hand Crafted Christmas'.

I'm still working out all the details, lets face it - men are hard, hard, hard, HARD (hmmmm, that may have come out wrong).  But I am trying to come with ideas even they will appreciate.

Here's a sampling of the LIST:
- PJ Pants
- A White (and black) Christmas Box - this is my favorite scheme yet!!!
- Casserole Carrier
- FOOD (hahahah, there are so many great eatables out there - and even if you don't NEED them, they rarely get wasted!)
*if you've looked at my 'Gift Ideas' board on pinterest you'll see other inspiration.

Once a week I'll show a glimpse of a gift I am working on, along with some great ideas for gifts you could create at home as well.  You'll watch my success and failures and hopefully encourage me along the way.

So if you are a family member of mine (or dear friend who thinks they should be on my gift list) start putting in your requests now... or who knows what might end up under your tree!

What are some of your favorite handmade gifts - what is a handmade gift that still makes you cringe or giggle to think about???


  1. I'll be following!!! I start thinking about x-mas gifts in september but fail most times!!! =/

  2. I want to hand-make all of our Christmas gifts this year!! I'll be back often to get ideas :o)

  3. My favorite handmade gift I've given is a sewn bag, small- like 9x4" with a zipper filled with the essential sewing needs- like to mend a hole or place a button, given to my 4 closest girlfriends who DON'T sew, but would have the basics if needed. Use pretty fabric and a pretty bow and its a sweet gift!