Monday, June 23, 2014

Bundle UP!.... the Hip Hop Tank & Top

I whipped up this Hip Hop Top in about 40 minutes - it would have been way less, but my serger decided to start fighting me half way through and needed to be taught a lesson!

I love the versatility of this pattern!!!  This is probably the key thing I look for when buying a pattern.  You have High low tank, Tank with contrasting back, tank with tulip back, tank with button up back, and then you can add sleeves to all of the above!

I went with a sleeved version of the high low - I really need more basic tops, and between my casper white skin and not quite love of my arms, sleeves are good!

(*while this is not the Calla Lily skirt, it has a very similar drape - I think this top would look amazing with the Calla Lily, so now I need to make one!)

I went based on my measurements and made the Large.... perfect fit!

The cut of this is perfect on me, and you know you have done well when a horizontal stripe doesn't make you look wide.  *Now I was short on fabric but determined to make it work, so I switched directions to fit in my sleeves - this worked because the fabric has 4 way stretch*

If you are looking at dipping your toe into sewing for yourself, or extend your women's pattern collection; check out the Bundle UP! sale.  It only lasts until 6/27!!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing Suzanne! The cap sleeves are my favorite part, I don't love my upper arms either. lol

  2. love the stripes! As soon as my move is done, my serger will be the first thing I will unpack; this mama needs some new summer tops!

  3. Giggling about you teaching your serger a lesson!

  4. Very nice! I love the stripes, especially paired with the red in the skirt!