Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Forward into Spring Fever

So this past weekend we sprung forward and the weather around here decided to get with the program - mid 50's both Saturday and Sunday, WOHOOOO!!!  *Just so we all know, 60-70degrees is my cap for comfort on the heat end, once we go past 70 I will be dying of a heat stroke on a daily basis.

We took the kids to the park both days and it was glorious just getting out of the house and seeing them smile.  Ok, baby girl may not know WHAT do do with the outdoors, and like her mother - she is not a fan of the sun, but we still had a great time.
 ok - I know the hats are comical  they are a bit small - as they are their hats from last year, but 'whatever works' right!?!?!

 my Little Red (this was her Christmas present from Nana)

 The boys' version of 'golf'

PR&P was having a sew along with Jessica's Spring Fever pattern - I had every intention of entering my simplified design, but things like a broken leg left the pattern on my cutting table until Sunday.
I went with a top: cropped the bodice a bit, took the gather out of the flutter sleeve, used a single circle peplum layer to eliminate gathering, and used KNIT - have I mentioned before that I love making my kids things out of knit?  It isn't that it is easier to sew, but it gets so much wear because it is comfy.
I tried a new technique for binding the neck line, but I think for future ones I will used my old method - I essentially made a bias tape here and it just seems too bulky to me, and I didn't switch out to a twin needle so the stitching just isn't as clean as I like - but I was going fast.  I'm still debating if I want to add a red stripe of finishing at the bottom of the peplum or if I just like it raw.
All in all this top took me about an hour to put together, so needless to say I will be making more!!!  I will probably take about an inch out of the width if not more since it is knit and has stretch to make it more fitted at the waist.  If I can find a really soft cotton with a great drape, I will probably make one out of that too ;o)

 'look mama, I'm sitting all nicely...'
 'Kneeling isn't standing... right, mama'
'Here, I'll help you with the dishes...and maybe try to stand up...'

*I would love the back even more if the stripe hadn't shifted when I was cutting it... design fail ;op*


  1. The boys seam to be having a lot of fun. As for your version of the Spring Fever Dress pattern, let me tell you I LOVED it so much. I love the red (I <3 red!), the simplicity of the design, everything and your model? She surely looks great on it.

  2. It's starting to warm up around here, and we started playing outside everyday! It's great.
    I really love your adorable peplum top! The stripes are perfect, and I love the simplicity!

  3. That red and white top is adorable! So cute!

  4. Love it, the top is awesome!!! So glad things are looking up!!

  5. I have NO idea how you do it with your 3 kids!!! You are my hero, lol!