Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Coastal Cargos.... Keeping my boys COOL!

Here is the second pattern I was lucky enough to get to test in the past few weeks... the Coastal Cargo Pants from Melly Sews.  It is part of the amazing summer collection from Pattern Anthology.  The whole collection is one sale for the next two weeks, so get them now while the prices are AWESOME!

I love, love, love these pants.  They fit B so well and he just loved running all around in them (we're not going to talk about the fact he was running around barefoot outside in single digit weather ;op).  I started these pants during the final week of PR&P (yes, while I was still sewing the Gabba GA! look) - sickness and a series of unfortunate sewing events made it clear that I could not get everything done that week, and Melissa  graciously gave me an extension for my pants review deadline.  But I cut them under the deadline and decided to opt out of the optional welt pockets, cargo pockets, and front pockets.  HAHAHAHAH, so much for cargo pants ;op
But seriously the two things I LOVE about these pants are the in and out-seam bindings and the button tabs to shorten the length.  I also think the front zipper and waist band with belt loops are awesome (of course the elastic waist band allows me to still pull the pants on and off the boys for super easy diaper changes).

I went with a lightweight cotton something - that is what you get when you get when you take everyone else's cast offs, very little knowledge of what you are sewing with ;op

My only sadness is that I didn't do my tabs out of the same material as my contrasting bindings - all the sample pictures show it that way, I just didn't think about it when I was cutting.  I still love the pants though... and doing them without all the pockets makes them a little dressier.  I have plans for at least two more pairs - one is already cut and just waiting to be sewn, warmer weather on the horizon is kicking my butt in gear ;op

How can you not LOVE these pants!!!!

 (I did leave these a bit long, but the boys grow so fast and I want them to last through until fall)

*notice the photo bomber in the back - that bit of red may just be his collegiate cool red pants ;o)


  1. Ooh I almost like yours without the pockets better than with pockets! They look great! I love the fabric you chose; they look playfully formal!

    1. Thanks Heather - I wanted this pair to be a more 'churchy' version... the next ones I have in mind are all play!!! ;o)

  2. They look very classy without the pockets. I love the look...now if only mine were still that little.

  3. I love your version without the pockets, Suzanne, as the seam binding creates a clean, uninterrupted line.

  4. I love them. Really love this pattern! Massive sucker of the tuxedo stripe at the moment!

  5. Oh I LOVE your fabric choices on these! SO cute!