Tuesday, February 19, 2013

PR&P Season 6 Recap

Hello faithful friends and dear readers.  As you probably know I won THIRD this season in PR&P!!!  I could not be more excited and have both my supportive friends and the awesome judges to thank for it!!!

There are a few very special people that I need to thank before I move on:
First, my husband - he has been supportive beyond words, has eaten the last minute meals I've thrown together without grumble, and hasn't said a word about the state of the laundry.  He has given me huge hugs and always told me my look was his favorite - he is the best!

Next is my mom.  Although she was gone for the last two and a half weeks of the competition, she was my personal Tim Gunn, my voice of reason, and my source of any random thing that my children decided to 'misplace'.  Hand sewing needle at 10pm, check.  Ribbon for baby girl's dress, check.  Provided of serger to use through the entire competition, CHECK!!!  My mom is always my loudest cheerleader and probably responsible for a large percentage of my public score each week.

Last but not least or my three angels of the blogging community: Heidi, Shannon, and Max.
Heidi was my constant source of tips and tricks to stay afloat.  She would comment on early ideas and images I sent her to make sure I gave it my all in a way that the judges and voters could appreciate.  Every week she told  me I deserved to move on - and did it in a way I actually believed ;o)
Shannon, oh where do I start with Shannon - she is honestly a God send.  As another mom of twins, she not only was going through the competition with me, but could also share life experience and encouragement.  She always has words of wisdom and truth to share with me when I was feeling down or overwhelmed.  And on top of all that, her talent is AMAZING!
And then Max/Ari - we 'met' when I started blogging, and quickly made a pact that we would audition for and make it to the final three of PR&P season 6 - HAHAHAHAH, neither of us ever thought it was actually a possibility.  She is such a light, an inspiration, and just that 'no nonsense girl' you love having in your corner.  I could not be happier that she won it all - YOU GO GIRL!!!!

Ok - and here is the season recap:

So which was your favorite look of all??? - any guesses as to what my highest score outfit was, you might be surprised!!!!

Throughout  the following weeks, I'll be posting tutorials from the different looks - if you have something you really want a tutorial on, leave a shout out and I'll make sure it gets included!!!

Tomorrow (hopefully) I'll be posting a break down of what I spent on each look... I want people to know that sewing can be affordable for anyone!!!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on your amazing run through PR&P!! I love seeing all your amazing looks one after the other like this...such a collection of creative genius (and absolutely adorable children!!) And you're so sweet to mention me, Suzanne! :) My fave looks would have to be Collegiate Cool and Mo Squish Le...but you know I loved them all!

  2. Congrats! I was so excited to see each of your looks! My favorite is Collegiate Cool and Elephant shoes. I can't wait to see the cost of everything!

  3. Our favorite look around here was the Week One's Wolf outfit, but it seemed your Men's shirt refashion did the best in the voting poll. Did the judges score it high as well? I am curious about the behind the scenes judging and would love to hear as much as you can share about it. Congratulations again on such an accomplishment!

  4. My favs were Collegiate Cool, Butterfly Kisses and Elephant Shoes. Was the Winter Wolf your highest score?

  5. Hands down, Butterfly Kisses, but they were all amazing!!! What you were able to do throughout this competition with 2 toddlers and a baby as well as illnesses going around, is just mind boggling. Congratulations!

  6. I am sooooooooooooooo lazy I haven't even done a recap yet! I should! I should! Thanks for the shoutout ^_^