Thursday, August 21, 2014

WIllow & Co. - Camping we will go....

Willow & CO is a design collaboration that was started by Hayley of Mouse House Creations.  I love their patterns and I had the chance to sew some up for Pattern Revolution this week - speaking of which, you can head over there to win the ENTIRE collection!!!

But today, I'm entering these little cuties in Willow & CO's Back to School Contest - cause heck yeah, I want to win one of those prizes!!!!

For Asher, I sewed up the Kudzu Pants with a singe cargo pocket and a single back pocket - I liked the asymmetricality of it.  I paired it with the Half zip Hawthorn.  I upcycled all of these pieces, so I made some alterations to work with what I had.  My favorite changes were the contrast sleeve cap (that pop of color is so fun), and the thumb holes - he LOVES the thumb holes!

For Mack, I paired the clover shorts with the full zip Hawthorn.  I wanted to girly it up a little, so I added belt loops and a sash belt.  Just a little detail that can easily be omitted, but that is fun pop of whimsy.  The sash matches the collar and zipper facings.

I love both of these outfits, and the kids loved our pretend 'camping' excursion ;o)


  1. I love love, love this new set of pictures and the clothes, but my favorite is the kids themselves. They look so cute together when they are playing. Did Beckett have the day off? Super modeling is a lot of work! :-) Too cute.

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