Monday, May 26, 2014

Pee-Palooza: The saga continues


Day two felt like an exercises in one step forward, TWO steps back.  I think the novelty of day one started to wear off on day two.  It isn't helping that I am not feeling well - stupid allergies gone haywire.

yes - I do need 2x as many pairs of underwear for one child ;o)  We are keeping all their underwear stacked on the back of the toilet to make for easy access after an accident.  I also have one who seems to dribble a bit more than the other - is this just a boy thing????

stickers from the $1 section at Target make for a great reward and way to track success!

So, day one ended with a bunch of success and pizza for dinner.  All total there were about 6 puddle accidents between the two boys over the course of the day - not bad at all for day one!

Day two started off strong - in the first two hours of the morning the boys were consistently telling me they needed to go, or going when I asked.  We had a fun breakfast, my mom picked up baby girl for some one on one time, and I thought we were moving into another strong day.  I really wasn't feeling well though - so once hubs got a shower in, I left him in control and went to lie down.  Poor guy.... in the next hour and a half before nap time, B pooped in his underwear TWICE, and A had accidents both outside and inside - on the carpet of course ;op

Now accidents are bound to happen, and they are the learning experiences that help kids grow and solidify their new skill, but sheesh - I never meant to abandon my poor hubs for a string of them in a row!

After nap time, we took the kids to the pool - we figured everyone needed a break and some genuine fun!  They each asked to go to the potty once while we were there, I am sure they left a good amount of pee in the pool, but the fact that they each asked to go counts as a check in the positive column in my book.

So far today there has only been on accident... but hey it is only 9am ;op

Morning of day 2 Sticker Charts (*baby girl stole some off of B's chart)

Morning of Day three sticker charts

My biggest struggles are when I ask if they need to go and then they have an accident less than 2 minutes latter, and the fact that I feel like I am nagging non-stop.  I am trying to ask about every 15 minutes... I am also making them pee before getting a drink and within 15 minutes of drinking said drink.

This afternoon we will take them - in underwear - to an outdoor cook out.  I will be bringing 2 spare outfits for each of them, fingers crossed that it can be an enjoyable experience.

Keep praying for patience, endurance, and healing for me!!!!

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  1. Suzanne, my daughter was almost fully potty trained in three days. I used the 3 days program and it really work. You can search it online, I can't remember the site anymore, but it worked. It consisted in a few rules to allow the training but the most important in my view, was to have her all naked from her waist down. Of course there were one or two accidents every now and then, but not much.