Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bundle UP!

The Bundle UP! bundle from Pattern Revolution is live and a great deal! 7 of the patterns are
brand new just released a few minutes ago & exclusive to BU the first week. You can pick your bundle size (6-11) as well as which of the 11 patterns you want to include. Bundle prices start at $4.50 each and go down in price the more you buy. (50-60% off total)
There is a nice free downloadable surprise with any bundle purchase!

I had the great fun of getting my hands on the California Dress early for review - this is a great knit dress with a ton of variety. There is no front/back, so you can wear it either way. It has a peplum length, knee length, and maxi length (with high low option).

My daughter LOVES it - so so cute!  And since it takes no tie to sew, I'll be making more of these for sure!!!

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