Monday, December 9, 2013

The Jocole Pencil Skirt - the one pattern EVERY woman needs!!!

Today I am sharing my latest selfish sew - the Jocole Pencil Skirt - you can read my full review on Pattern Revolution.

I LOVE THIS SKIRT - I feel so stylish... I actually styled it way better the second time I wore it (but I was not going to ask hubs to re-shoot ;op), and you know, I'm in mom-frump mode most of the time, so it is hard to remember what style is some days ;o)

There is an awesome discount with the review... so go check it out, or just look at this one picture of me - whatevs.


  1. You look stunning in this skirt. I will be adding this pattern to my wish list because I have some mommy curves that I wouldn't mind looking nice.