Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Operation Project $0: Day 23.. What YOU MADE!

First I just have to say THANK YOU to everyone who has participated and followed along in this year's journey of Operation Project $0.  I have had so much fun not only sharing my own creations, but getting to see all the posts by our guests bloggers and the entries into the flickr group.
Tomorrow I'll be doing a round up of all the things I created this month and how close I came to that elusive $0 goal.

But now here are some of my favorite items that people have entered to the flickr group over the past week!

Beth Being Crafty linked up her adorable matching dolly and girl popover dresses that she made out of a a women's skirt.  I love how she was able to work in the original embroidery.  Great Job!

Amanda H of Araneedesigns submitted this great sweatshirt - I an totally smitten by the colors and how soft and cozy it looks - I wish I knew more about how she made it!!!

With the Holidays quickly approaching, I am a huge fan of this skirt tutorial that Squiggly Twigs e-mailed to me.  Who doesn't have an old Formal dress (prom, bridesmaid, formal ball, etc...) that is just eating space in their closet?  A few easy steps, and voila - a gorgeous twirlable skirt for all the holiday events ahead!

HEre's one more from Beth Being Crafty (I'm just really in love with her blog, her photography and her sewing... you really need to check her out!).  This whole look was $0 and she has a great tutorial for keeping the profesionaly finished top of jeans when you up-cycle them!

Golf of GolfLuna submitted this SWOON-worthy hoodie that she made from the Peek-a-boo Hangout Hoodie using an old shirt as the base.  How adorable is it and her daughter!!!
The extremely talented Vera Luna made up one of my favorite patterns of all time - the Bubble shorts by Elegance and Elephants - using a pair of old lightweight jeans... that red piping just looks so cool!!!

And last  - but certainly not least - my gal Max.... I am gaga over her Poe inspired "Nevermore Dress'.  This features a FREE pattern: The Baby Slip Dress by Suburbia Soup

You can check out my other two features from the Flickr Group HERE and HERE - and make sure to go to the group itself to check out all the awesome sew along projects!!!


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  2. Hey Suzanne...I wasn't sure how to link up my blog to the flicker group pics. I am also ARaneeDesigns. Here is the blog with the tutorial of the pull-over jacket top: Thanks for including me...I love your blog as well and enjoyed the challenge of project zero. :)

  3. I need to pay more attention! I didn't know there was going to be a what you made sheesh slap myself on the head. My whole blog is upcycled/recycled. Oh well maybe next time. I have loved this whole series so much and it's very nice to see you show off some of the flickr group creations. Thanks for all of the inspiration.

  4. Hi Suzanne, thanks for picking the up-cycled hangout hoodie of mine. I'm Golf from
    I really love these series and will waiting for the next time for sure. :)

  5. Hi Suzanne, thanks for this great, inspiring series. Great to see two of my creations featured here. If you're gonna do another series next year, I'd love to be invited for a guest post.
    Cheers, Saskia (from Vera Luna)